Why It Makes Sense To Hire A Security Company To Protect Your Business

Posted on: 5 January 2015

If you own or manage a retail store, you know too well that security is always an issue, particularly during sales, the holidays or when you're hosting a special event. Other types of businesses, too, require security to keep their employees safe and to guard proprietary business information. Few businesses with public access can afford to do without some type of security. However, needing security doesn't mean you have to hire, train and vet the guards yourself. Contracting with a security company helps to make protecting your business secrets, your employees, your merchandise and your customers easy.

Benefits of hiring a security company

1. You can add extra security, if needed. When you use a security company for your protection needs, you can add an extra guard or guards for the holidays or a special event, without having to interview and hire a new person for just a temporary assignment.

2. The security company handles hiring, bonding, insuring and vetting employees. Finding good, qualified, reliable security guards can be a challenge, especially for a small business where the owner already wears multiple hats. By hiring a company that specializes in security, they handle all of the interviewing, hiring, payroll and related chores for you.

3. Your customers will feel more secure. By having security personnel from a recognized security firm, your customers will feel safer visiting your place of business, especially if you're open in the evenings and have open parking.

4. Employees will also feel safter. It's not just the customers who worry about safety when entering and leaving the building. If you have employees who handle money and expensive merchandise like jewelry or collectible coins, or who work long hours, having a guard on site can help them concentrate on their job, rather than their safety.

5. You'll have less theft. In addition to keeping everyone safe, a security guard is a great deterrent to theft and vandalism. Most thieves will pass by the business with the guard in favor of the under-staffed, crowded store without a guard down the street.

6. You'll save on your insurance premiums. When you hire a security firm, you'll likely save on your business insurance, since your risk of loss from theft and/or vandalism will decrease.

While hiring security companies to help protect your property, employees and customers isn't the right choice for every business, such a move can help you prevent theft, give your customers a greater feeling of security while they shop and even save you money on your insurance.