3 Things To Negotiate Before You Relocate For Your Job

Posted on: 8 January 2015

As you're preparing to relocate for your job, you will have a lot to do to accomplish this. Before you start packing and getting ready to move, you may want to find out what your company will do for you to help you with this task. Here are three things you can discuss with your boss about your move, and you should realize that these are things you can negotiate.

Moving Expenses

Most employers are willing to pay moving expenses when they ask employees to relocate. This may include the following costs:

  • Corporate moving company expenses
  • Gas for traveling
  • Boxes and packaging materials
  • Move out cleaning services
  • Yard upkeep while your house sits vacant (if you have not yet sold it)

These are all common expenses your employer might be willing to pay, but you may need to discuss each of these with your boss to make sure.

Time Off Of Work

Moving to a new location not only takes time, but it also takes effort even if you have a moving company helping you with this task. If you would like to be able to have a few weeks getting your new home ready, you may want to ask your employer if you can include a few weeks off of work during this time.

As you negotiate this, make sure that you clearly understand if your employer is willing to pay you your normal salary during this time. This is also a good time to find out if your benefits will continue during the move, or if there will be an interruption in any of them.

Bonus For Willingness To Move

The third thing to negotiate is a relocation bonus. Getting a bonus for a relocation move is not necessarily typical, but is does happen. You might be the only person in your company that is willing to make this move, and this might be valuable to your boss.

Before you think about asking for a moving bonus, you may want to think about how much you would like to receive. When you request this bonus, you could start with an amount slightly higher than the amount you hope to receive because this will give you more room to negotiate.

Relocating is a big job, but it is much easier when a corporate moving company helps you. They will pack your things and load them, and they will deliver them to your new home. If you have questions about these services, contact corporate moving companies in your city.