Tips For Throwing A Bachelorette Party That Lasts All Weekend

Posted on: 15 January 2015

Throwing a bachelorette party can be a lot of fun, and many parties are now extending into a whole weekend's worth of activities. If you're planning on throwing one of these multi-day parties for your best friend, here are a few tips.

Rent a large vehicle.

To make sure you can all travel together, rent a large vehicle like a mini-van or suburban for a few days. In comparison to renting a limo, which typically costs $65 to $100 per hour, a car rental usually costs between $20 and $50. It may even be cheaper to rent from an off-airport site than an airport because you can avoid fees levied at airport locations.

Besides just being able to fit everyone in one car, you also get the luxury of not having to clean up after yourself in the vehicle. That means you can spill as many drinks as you'd like!

Arrange for an airport taxi service to get your friends to and from your location.

While picking up your friends from the airport could be fun, it could also be stressful if you have to deal with a lot of airport traffic and a lot of different travel schedules. Instead of navigating the highways on your own, consider hiring an airport taxi service to get your friends to and from your house. With these services, professional drivers will meet your friends in baggage claim, help them with their suitcases, and safely and efficiently transport them to your house or hotel.

Some cities, like New York, have flat rates for airport taxis, whereas other cities have taxi services, like Turbo Cab, that charge by mileage.

Get an idea of how much everyone is comfortable spending.

You can certainly go all out and plan lavish nights out combined with expensive day trips, but this might make some people in the party uncomfortable. To get a sense of how much everyone wants to spend, send out an online survey that allows your friends to respond anonymously. That way, you'll have a great idea of what types of activities to plan, and you won't be putting anyone on the spot for having any budget concerns.

Consider giving a unique group gift that will help commemorate the weekend.

Instead of asking everyone to buy their own separate gifts for the bride-to-be, take the opportunity to give a creative and unique gift. For example, once everyone is gathered together, you could record each friend for a few minutes talking about how special the bride is to them, and then combine that footage with video from your weekend. Or, you could create a collage or photo book of pictures that each person snapped during the weekend.

These types of gifts will help the bride remember her special weekend with friends, and they're fun and affordable ways for everyone to contribute.

Using these ideas should help make the bachelorette party go smoothly and become a weekend that everyone cherishes.