How A Background Check Helps A Job Seeker

Posted on: 18 February 2015

Conducting a background check should not just be performed to learn about someone else's past history. Requesting a background check on yourself could also be extremely helpful. Specifically, running your own name through a background check service prior to applying for a job affords the opportunity to review what a potential employer sees. Once information is brought to light, take steps to address any revealed problems and avoid being unfairly disqualified from consideration.

Expansive Public Records

Most people correctly assume criminal convictions are going to be uncovered during a background check. What many do not realize is various other public records are revealed in a background check. Such records could include information about civil suits, driving infractions, tax liens, and more. Anything in these records that presents an unflattering picture is going to work against your chances of positive consideration for employment.

Creating an Unflattering Impression

Tax liens create an impression that a person is irresponsible with debts. A suspended license for reckless driving paints a picture of someone who has disregard for him/herself and others. Being sued in small claims court might scare employers into thinking you will involve them in a civil liability.

The trouble with these opinions is they are not presented with the proper context. A tax lien could be filed because the tax bill went to a wrong address. If the judge in the small claims court rules in your favor, then the person filing the suit was, essentially, in the wrong.

The trouble here is, without context, poor impressions are going to be presented in someone's mind. All hope is not lost, though. There are ways you can salvage a situation provided the would-be employer provides a chance to discuss the situation.

Meet with a Career Counselor

Set up an appointment with a career counselor, present the results of the background check to the counselor, and then work with the professional to arrive at the proper way to discuss the issues.

The insights of a career counselor prove invaluable in this situation. The way you address any employer concerns has to be done right. The likely human response to addressing questions about issues in a background check is to be defensive. Being overly defensive is hardly flattering. A career counselor will coach you on the proper way to respond to any tough questions.

The proper attitude along with logical responses could alleviate any concerns about a difficult background. So, be sure to run your background check through a trusted provider, such as Fingerprinting Pros.