Find The Right Storage Facility For Your Restaurant

Posted on: 8 April 2015

Clutter and mess detracts from the beauty and efficiency of your restaurant.  If you have a substantial amount of extra furniture, equipment, and seasonal inventory, a storage unit is a great option to keep your restaurant organized and pristine.  Here are a few tips to find the right storage facility for your restaurant.

Read the fine print

Don't be caught with a large bill at the end of your storage term.  Make sure to read the entire rental agreement before you sign on the dotted line.  Pay attention to any penalty fees.  If you only need the unit for a few months out of the year, don't commit to a year-long agreement. 

If the facility requires a deposit, find out when you will get your deposit back.  Sometimes, the facility keep the deposit to cover any infractions.  Make sure there are no conditions attached to getting your deposit back.  

Select a convenient facility

Look for a facility nearby your business.  You don't want to drive for an hour to retrieve extra chairs and tables.  If you need access to your equipment at a moment's notice, make sure that the facility is open at night and on the weekend.

Find out whether you need the help of an employee to open and close the unit.  Self-access is better especially when you are in a time crunch and you want to quickly get in and out.  

Make sure there is no mold and water damage

Restaurant equipment needs to be stored in a dry environment to prevent oxidation and rust.  If possible, inspect the storage unit on a rainy day to see whether there are any water leaks.  Otherwise, check for signs of water damage along the roof and walls of the unit. 

Presence of even small amounts of mold and mildew is a tell-tale sign that water is seeping in.  You want to steer away from that unit even if the rental rate is cheap. 

If you are going to store liquor for any period of time, look for climate controlled units.  Don't forget to clear liquor storage with the facility first as not all facilities are licensed to do so.

Safety and Security

The best storage facility is one that is monitored 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.  Ask if there are security cameras inside and outside the facility and especially around your unit.  Look for a facility, like Ten Mile Storage and Cloverdale Storage, with gated access and one that has a manager on site at all times.