4 Key Features Of The Most Functional Office Workstation

Posted on: 19 April 2015

In an office filled with cubicles for your employees, the key to productivity is finding the delicate balance between functionality and comfort. As easy as this may sound, creating the perfect workstation can actually take a little effort. You cannot just go out and invest in whatever office furniture you can find, throw it together, and expect the space to be its best. There are four key features that the most functional office workstation should have.

1. Efficient Cubicle Walls - The basis of the perfect workstation for employees is the cubicle that sections each person off from the next. To eliminate distraction between employees in tight spaces, the walls of the cubicle should be tall enough to block the view from the front and sides of the desk. You may even consider using sound-proof cubicle walls that can help deter the transfer of sound if you have several phone operators in one space.

2. Ergonomic Chair - The office chairs you have in the workstation for employees is perhaps one of the biggest choices you will make. You should be looking for an ergonomic chair that is fully adjustable for people of different sizes and shapes. The back of the chair should be adjustable to support the lumbar spine and the height of the arms of the chair and the chair itself should be fully adjustable as well. 

3. Spacious Desk - You may have to be a little conservative when it comes to space, but the last thing you want is a workspace that provides employees with cramped quarters and no space to move. Your employees should have enough room to hold the necessary equipment and still have space to move without feeling contained.

4. Room for Storage - If you want to see productivity grow, you should make sure that each cubicle or office workstation is free of clutter. This means that you need to ensure that there is ample space for storage. Paperwork, folders, and simple office supplies need a home in the workstation. Therefore, you should make sure that your employees have personal access to storage, such as desk drawers or stackable filing bins.

If you take a look at the most productive offices, you have to pay careful attention to what type of office furniture is used in each workstation. The general setup of the workstation could easily help your employees get more done or inhibit their ability to stay focused, comfortable, and organized.