The Pros And Cons Of 3 Types Of Auto Tint

Posted on: 8 May 2015

Whether or not you realize it, there is more than one type of auto window tinting. The type of tint you select for your vehicle depends on several factors, including your budget, climate, and how concerned you are with UV rays. Here are some of the types of tint and the advantages and disadvantages of each.

Metalized Tint

A metalized tint has several layers that consist of different metals that are adhered together during manufacturing. This particular type of tint is ideal if you want a higher level of protection from heat and UV rays. 

Metalized tint is also very durable and does not fade the same way that other types of tint does. 

There are some disadvantages of this type though. Metalized tint is very shiny because of the metals of which it is made. It also can be more expensive than other types. 

The metal composition of the tint also can interfere with wireless signals, so you could have problems using your cell phone while in the car. 

Dyed Tint

Dyed tint is also layered, but it is composed of a polyester coating that is dyed. It is also highly effective at blocking out the light. In fact, it offers the highest level of blocking of any type of tinting.

Unlike metalized tint, dyed tint is not shiny and it does not interfere with wireless signals. It is also cost-effective, which makes it affordable for more people. 

However, there are some cons to dyed tint. Even though it blocks out a lot of light, it does not block heat as effectively as other types of tint. It can also break down as it is exposed to the sun, which can have a bearing on the color and cause the layers to separate. 

Professional installation is a must with dyed tint. If it is not, it can start to bubble and peel. 

Ceramic Tint

Ceramic tint is composed of ceramic layers that have an adhesive layer bonded to them. It does not block light out as well as dyed and metalized tints, but it is highly effective at blocking heat. 

Unlike dyed tint, ceramic tint does not fade. It also does not interfere with wireless signals. 

The biggest drawback to ceramic tint is that it is expensive. It is usually priced more than dyed and metalized tints. 

Before having your tint completed by a professional, it is important to review your options so that you can get the best tint for your particular car.