Tips For Protecting Your Garage Door From Winter Weather Hazards

Posted on: 24 May 2015

Along with the seasonal activities, winter brings a host of threats for your home's garage door. From the ice and snow to the cold temperatures and rock salt, the winter environment is harsh and concerning. When you get salt, ice and slush buildup in your garage door track, it can lead to groaning, grinding and a lack of response. Luckily, you can avoid many of these concerns with a little bit of preparation before the winter weather sets in. Here are some tips to help you make your garage door ready for winter.

Lubricating the Track

You may have a standard lubricant that you use on your garage door track most of the year, but as winter approaches, you're going to want to invest in something a bit more durable. Winter lubricants are silicone-based, which means that they'll hold up to the cold temperatures of winter without thickening, stiffening or binding up in the track.

Cleaning the Sensors

The sensors placed along the garage door track are vital to the safe operation of the door. Keeping your sensors clean and responsive is important, but the ice, salt and slush of winter can make that a constant battle. Make a point to clean the sensors frequently during the winter months and monitor the door operation for any signs of problems with the sensor response.

Sealing the Door

Before the cold weather starts rolling in, you'll want to make sure your garage door is protected. Replace your door seals and weather strips around the outside perimeter of the door before fall if you want to keep the cold temperatures out. Not only will this help keep your garage door motor from suffering damage in the cold, it also helps avoid sticking, which is a common problem with old and worn garage door seals.

Addressing Wear and Damage

Inspect your garage door regularly for any signs of wear in the springs, rollers and track. Make sure that you have any wear or damage addressed immediately so that you don't intensify the issues in the cold weather. A garage door technician can not only help you repair the problem, but may also be able to offer advice to help you avoid the problem in the future.

The right care and attention can help you keep your garage door working as intended throughout the winter months. With the information here, you can protect your door against the cold and hazards that winter brings. Talk with a garage door technician today about other advice to help your garage door see it through until spring. Companies like Advanced Door Service can help you troubleshoot your garage door issues.