Troubleshooting Frequent Issues With Your Industrial Bakery Oven

Posted on: 4 June 2015

If you had to rely on small ovens to produce the amount of baked product that fills the shelves of your bakery, it is highly unlikely that you would ever get much accomplished at all. This is why your industrial bakery oven is hands-down one of the most important features in your commercial kitchen. Even though these ovens are built to withstand years of heavy use around the clock, they are not infallible and will definitely see their fair share of issues from time to time. Here are a few of the most common problems you may have with your industrial oven that may lead to you needing an industrial repair professional.

Problem: The oven will not maintain a steady temperature when in operation.

Solution: There could be a couple reasons for this problem, but it is more likely that you are seeing an issue with the thermometer's calibration unit inside of the oven. When the sensor in this unit goes bad, there is no way for the thermostat to correctly maintain a steady temperature according to your temperature settings.

Problem: The internal oven temperature is not providing even baking results.

Solution: The majority of commercial ovens operate through some form of convection heat system where hot air is circulated throughout the internal chamber of the oven. This allows for even baking even when the oven is completely filled with racks and product. If the circulatory fans of the convection system go bad, you will see discrepancies in the baked products. For example, bread on the middle of oven racks may be perfectly done, while that on the bottom is still light and doughy.

Problem: Smoke and steam are pouring from the door of the oven and not being filtered out through the ventilation system.

Solution: This is an indicator that the ventilation system inside of your oven is either clogged with debris or has malfunctioned. It is fine to clean the vent system on your own, but if you notice that the fans are not working, you should contact a professional repair service for help. Prolonged ventilation problems can damage the internal parts and components of the oven by coating them with grease and debris that should have been filtered out through a fan system. This can also leave you with less-than-satisfactory baked goods that do not offer a freshly baked smell because of their exposure to smoke and odors while cooking.

Seeing something go wrong with your industrial oven in the middle of a workday can feel like an all-out catastrophe. Make sure your arm yourself with enough knowledge to be able to tell when a problem is big enough that you will need industrial oven repair services for help to get your equipment back up and running.

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