Tips For Making Your New Company Flag As Effective As Possible

Posted on: 10 August 2015

Is your company installing a commercial flag pole and working on a design for a company flag? Your company's flag will be used to catch the attention of your customers and draw them in from a distance. To ensure that your flag serves its purpose and is widely recognizable in your community, your flag must be simple, clear, direct and easy to read. Follow these tips to ensure your flag is effective.


Simplicity is important for the purposes of recognition, clarity and readability. The more complex your flag's design, the harder it will be for your customers to make sense of its meaning and link it back to your business. To keep your design as simple as possible, consider these tips:

  • Use a bold sans serif typeface. Avoid curly fonts and fonts with thin letters.
  • Keep pictures simple and iconic, avoid specificity.
  • Leave about half the flag as negative space to ensure that the background won't distract from the image.

Color Contrast

Use color contrast to your advantage. High contrast colors naturally attract attention and are also easy to distinguish from one another when seen at great distances. Contrasting color pairs usually involve one light color and one dark color, or colors found on opposite sides of the color wheel. Examples of high-contrast colors include: yellow and black, red and white, blue and gold, green and red.


Depending on the height of your commercial flagpole, your customers may need to read the letters on your flag from very great distances. Keep your flag letters large and bold. Your customers won't spend time staring at your flag in attempt to read it. If it can't be read quickly from a distance, your flag may simply go ignored.

When you start shopping for commercial flagpoles, consider the height of your flag's letters and the size of the flag overall. Work with your graphic designer to make a paper mock up of your flag. When you've chosen a height for your flag pole, have your graphic designer stand as far away from you as the height of your flag pole. Back away from the flag slowly. Note when the flag becomes unreadable. This is the approximate distance that your flag will become unreadable for customer, and if you want your flag to be readable from a greater distance, work with your designer to come up with a new flag design.

Following these tips, your flag should be as readable as possible. For more information, contact a company like Waterloo Flag & Flagpole Company.