Driving Employee Engagement: Three Ways To Recognize Good Work

Posted on: 30 September 2015

Part of any successful business is having engaged employees and good morale in the office. Driving employee engagement through recognition is one of the easiest ways to keep your employees satisfied with their jobs. Here are three ways to recognize good work and help improve employee engagement and morale.

Provide Instant Recognition

Instead of waiting until a staff meeting, provide instant recognition when you catch an employee doing excellent work or going above and beyond. Carry around a few gift cards for local restaurants or coffee shops, and hand them out whenever you want to provide positive recognition. Be sure to tell the employee what you saw and why it impressed you, and most importantly, thank him or her for a job well done. You may find that you have more employees doing exceptional work in the hopes of getting one of your gift cards.

Offer Unique Pay Incentives

Make it pay to provide great service or to perform flawless work. Introduce a bonus structure that pays out monthly or quarterly to incentivize better productivity or service. These bonuses can be a flat rate, or they can be incremental based on supervisor reviews, customer feedback or increased sales. You may even want to publish the names of your top bonus earners in your company newsletter or in a mass email to encourage healthy competition between employees.

Host An Awards Banquet

Instead of a holiday party, host an annual banquet that honors the employees who have consistently exceeded expectations. Hand out custom award trophies, like those from Abilene Awards & Logos, for categories such as perfect attendance, best sales record or fewest customer complaints. Be sure to provide a gift or cash award to go with these corporate award trophies, as this will provide an increased incentive. You may want to invite a few of your top clients or vendors to the event and present them with awards to thank them for their continued relationship with your company. Make the awards ceremony truly special by designating it as a black tie event and hiring a professional photographer to capture key moments. Frame the pictures of employees receiving awards as an additional way to recognize their performance.

No company can thrive without motivated, happy and engaged employees. Work to find new and exciting ways to recognize your staff for doing a great job. Use these ideas in your business, or ask your employees what types of incentives will motivate them the most. You may find that your staff already has some great ideas that can boost productivity and customer service.