3 Tips When Hiring Movers For The Winter

Posted on: 20 October 2015

Are you going to be moving this upcoming winter? If you are, there are some additional factors to consider when hiring your movers, as you will want to be certain that your belongings are safe, especially during these extremely cold and wet weather conditions. To ensure your items and protected and safe, it is important that you consider a moving company that offers:

Climate Controlled Moving Trucks:

The cold winter weather conditions can pose a serious threat to your valuable property, especially any of your fragile collector items. If you want to ensure your items don't freeze over and potentially crack, you may find it best to seek a moving company that offers climate controlled trucks. This will allow you to increase the head within the moving truck, so your belongings can remain safe and warm while the truck is being loaded and when the truck is in commute to your new home address. This can definitely help keep your items safe, so be sure to seek this feature when hiring a moving company.

Insurance Coverage:

With icy roads, the moving truck may be a bit more difficult for your movers to control, even if it is parked outside of your home. Because you are putting your items at greater risk when moving during these snowy and icy road conditions, you will want to spend some time to find a moving company that can insure your property. This can protect you tremendously, financially, as you will be able to receive reimbursement for any property damage you deal with.

Equipment Designed for Icey and Snowy Sidewalks:

When snowy and icy roads, you want to be sure that these weather conditions won't delay how quickly your move is completed. Well, with traditional dollies, your movers may not get the traction that they need on the sidewalk, which can force them to spend a little more time when loading up the truck. This is why it is important to seek a moving company that has equipment designed for the winter conditions. To ensure your movers do, be sure to seek a company that has winter seasoned dollies, as these tires will have a little more grip to the sidewalk, and that your movers have tarp covers for the moving truck ramp, so they can have the proper traction when walking and loading items into the truck, without potentially falling and dropping your items. 

By taking these tips into consideration when hiring a moving company (such as Affordable Moving Company), you can better protect your items from potential mishaps, which will help make your move an overall easier process. Not only will this help keep your property safe, but it can also speed up how quickly the move is completed, which can be a major convenient to your move.