Practical Ways To Add Privacy To Your Deck

Posted on: 19 January 2016

Living in the heart of a metropolitan area has a number of advantages. Unfortunately, one of these advantages is not increased privacy. For people who live in this type of environment, privacy can be very difficult in outdoor spaces like decks; however, it's not impossible to achieve.

Privacy Curtain

A privacy curtain is a great way to increase privacy on your deck. Privacy curtains can be constructed from any outdoor fabric and allow you the option to open or close them as desired. Adding this feature to your deck only requires that you have a supportive structure to attach the curtains to. If you're renting, make sure you ask your property manager for permission before attaching or building a structure to connect the curtains on to.

Lattice Panel

Lattice panels offer another solution for adding a level of privacy to your outdoor spaces. In terms of availability, it's fairly easy to visit your local hardware store to have a piece of lattice cut in your desired configuration. Installing the lattice is also quite easy, as its light weight doesn't require a large structure for support. Lattice does come with its downfalls. In addition to not being very weather-friendly, the holes in lattice do create an opening for people to see in, somewhat diminishing privacy.

Potted Plant

Adding some landscaping to the perimeter of your deck is also a great way to add privacy. Juniper scopulorum, Daphne odora and Monterey cypress are just some of the potted plant options you can consider. While these options are good considerations, don't forget that you have to maintain them. Between regular trimming and watering, you will need to play a very hands-on role to keep the plants thriving so that they remain plush and full enough to create a level of privacy.

Faux Ivy Privacy Screen

If you're looking for an option that doesn't just establish a higher level of privacy, but also comes without the need of adding a supporting structure and without the need for a high-level of maintenance, a faux ivy privacy screen is a great option. Faux ivy screens give the look of beautiful, plush ivy, without the hassle of caring for a live plant. Additionally, the screen can be installed with zip ties or some other non-invasive fastener, eliminating the need to build a supporting structure.

With a little effort on your part, you can add privacy to your deck. No matter what type of environment you live in.