Vehicle Wrap Mistakes To Avoid

Posted on: 25 February 2016

Vehicle wraps serve as a great marketing tool for businesses of all sizes and of all industries. However, this is only the case if the wrap is designed correctly. There are a number of mistakes that can make the wrap less visually appealing and harder to read, making it almost useless. Make sure you know what mistakes to avoid.

Limit Advertising Copy

Although they have similar goals, understand that brochures and pamphlet are not the same as a vehicle wrap. Brochures and pamphlets are all about providing as much information as possible, whereas a vehicle wrap isn't. A simple tagline, phone number and website address is just about all the content you should include on your wrap design.

Having too much content on the wrap design will only make it more difficult to read and likely cause a potential customer to look away rather than try to decipher the jumble. When designing your wrap, always remember that less is more.

Choose Logos Over Photos

It's sometimes a good idea to avoid using photos as part of your vehicle wrap design. In order to understand this idea more, first consider the fundamental purpose of a vehicle wrap – to advertise your brand. Take a restaurant, for example. Plastering pictures of people eating all over of the wrap design looks good but doesn't represent your brand.

When compared to a logo, photos generally don't really help potential customers recognize your brand. A logo gives a potential customer something to remember you by. Whenever you're looking for a graphic to fill up space within your wrap design, it's best to choose a logo over a photo for better brand advertisement.  

Keep It Simple

The overall design of a vehicle wrap should be fairly simple. Just like too much content isn't helpful, too much in the area of graphics, color and other design elements is also unhelpful and distracting. Noisy backgrounds, bevels and color overload all create a visual clutter. When approaching the design process, start with your logo.

Choose a couple of the colors within your logo for your background and try to make your logo the only graphic image on the wrap. Simplicity makes reading the content on the wrap easier for potential customers near the vehicle as well as those that might be a farther distance away, which is the ultimate goal.

The more effort you put into correctly designing your vehicle wrap, the more successful your advertising efforts will be. Make sure you are choosing wisely when buying from a company like Nesper Sign Advertising Inc.