Concerned About Your Basement After A Flood? Avoid Pests, Mold Problems And More With These Tips

Posted on: 16 March 2016

If you had a minor flood in your basement because of sump pump problems and now you're worried about moisture and bugs in the space, you want to get some professional help. You need to make sure that water damage isn't going to be a problem in the future, and that pests aren't already damaging your home.

The foundation needs to be cared for after the flooding, and then you should treat the space for pests. Here are a few things to consider once you have the water out and the area dry.

Basement Sealing Company

A company that seals the foundation and basement will come and seal off the concrete so moisture isn't a problem in the future, and so there is no further damage to the concrete. If there are any markings of mold or mildew on the walls, it will be covered from the sealant, and the sealant will stop the moisture and ground water from coming into the space. This sealant can also act as an insulator.

Pest Control Professionals

There are many insects attracted to moisture, like silverfish and cockroaches. If you've already noticed insects are a problem, there could be many more in areas you can't see. If the wood around the home got damp and starts to rot, bugs like termites and carpenter ants will find their way in. Have a professional pest control company like U.S. Pest Control come in and do a treatment to kill any existing pest problems and infestations and to prevent future damages.

HVAC Assistance

Moisture could have easily gotten into the HVAC ducts, so you'll want to have the entire ventilation system cleaned out. This removed any mold spores or other allergens caused by the flooding. You should also ask the HVAC professionals if you can have a dehumidifying system installed with the furnace, so it automatically starts to remove humidity from the air when its sensors detect too much moisture.

A flood and moisture in the basement can cause a lot of problems, but these are things that you want to do after the water is gone, so you don't have other problems to deal with later on. Call these three professionals to see when you can have these different services completed, and make sure that you call around to get pricing for what you need. This way you don't overpay and you have different options when choosing between professionals for the work.