Issues With Pressure Washer Parts That Can Prevent The Washer From Starting

Posted on: 22 April 2016

If you have a pressure washer, you probably expect it to start easily and quickly each time you use it. However, there are instances in which a pressure washer has difficulty starting. Here are a  few issues with pressure washer parts that can cause the device not to start:

Spark Plug Failure

Sometimes, there is a problem with the spark plugs of the device. The spark plugs are needed to transfer sparks that will ignite the engine. However, once a spark plug becomes worn or incurs some type of damage, such as a cracked housing, the plug may no longer work. Some plugs develop a smoky buildup over time that does not allow the components to transfer charge as they should.

If a visual inspection of a spark plug exposes a problem, the plug should be replaced. However, if you suspect that your pressure washer is not starting because of a spark plug and the plug looks fine, test it using a specialized tester for spark plugs.

The terminals of the tester will display a spark as the engine of the pressure washer is turned on if the spark plug is functioning properly. However, if the spark plug has failed, no spark will be emitted by the testing device.

To ensure that the correct spark plug for your unit is selected, be sure to record the model number of your pressure washer.

The coil of your pressure washer's ignition is no longer working.

Your washer's ignition coil releases electrical volts to the washer's spark plugs as the engine is being operated. If the coil does not send any power to the spark plugs, the engine will fail to start. Once you know for certain that the spark plugs of your pressure washer are not defective, the ignition coil should be tested.

The carburetor of your unit may be blocked.

If a blockage develops in the carburetor of your pressure washer, it must be cleared before the pressure washer can start. Many blockages are associated with poor maintenance.

Fuel that remains in a pressure washer as the washer is stored can allow residue to develop. The liquid components of the fuel may start to evaporate, and thick residue may be left to block the proper operation of the carburetor.

If cleaning the carburetor still does not allow the engine to start, the carburetor may have to be replaced.

To learn more reasons that your pressure washer may not start, schedule a consultation with a pressure washer specialist or supplier in your area, such as Ben's Cleaner Sales.