3 Packing Tips To Make Your Next Move Easier

Posted on: 22 June 2016

Moving to a new residence is responsible for more than its fair share of headaches. But more often than not, it's a lack of organization and a lack of planning that are at the root, not the logistics of the move itself. So if you're getting to ready to move and aren't sure of where to begin, keep reading to discover three packing tips that will make the process much simpler and free of hassle.

Don't Get Just Any Boxes: Buy Good Ones

Of course you need shipping boxes in order to move; but many people try to cut costs by heading down to the local convenience store and asking if they have any used boxes they would like to get rid of. While this is certainly a cheaper alternative to purchasing boxes from a local moving company, it also means that the boxes you're getting are worse for wear, and may not hold up through the whole move. Budget a few extra dollars for quality boxes in the beginning, and your belongings will be better off for it.

Pack a Box of Essentials

Before you pack anything else, decide what you need most -- things that you'll need the first night you're in your new house. Set these items aside and pack them all in one large box with a large label that says 'Essentials', or something similar. If you are using a moving truck or other large vehicle, be sure to pack this box of essentials in the back where it can be easily reached before anything else. That way you'll have everything you absolutely need right at your fingertips, and you can focus on moving in the rest whenever you have time.

Buy Additional Packing Supplies

No matter how much you might try, your items won't all fit into a box like a perfect game of Tetris. To protect some of your more fragile items, buy packing peanuts and stuff them in the empty spaces around the things in your boxes. If you can't obtain enough packing peanuts on short notice, look for newsprint paper. It serves the same purpose as crumpled newspaper would, but you won't have to worry about ink being smudged everywhere. In addition, pick up bags of various sizes to accommodate all the awkwardly shaped items you own that don't fit easily into a box. Stuffing the bag with packing peanuts or newsprint paper is recommended as well.