Use Ice To Create Sculptures And Environments For Special Occasions And Events

Posted on: 10 August 2016

For a truly memorable event or occasion, include a thematic ice sculpture. Ice sculptures can be as small as centerpieces or as large as rooms and environments. If you are hosting an event or occasion and want to make it memorable, include a custom ice sculpture for your guests to see and experience. Here are some ice sculptures that you can create that are truly memorable: 

  • Ice Sculptures - Table-top ice sculptures can be made in the shape of people, animals, plants, places, or any other shapes that are appropriate for your event. For a wedding, an ice sculpture can be in the shape of the joined initials of the bride and groom. For a corporate event, an ice sculpture could be in the shape of the company logo. Ice sculptures can also be used as centerpieces with embedded flowers and plants on each guest table. An exact copy of an architectural building can be made in ice for a corporate event. Individual colored ice letters, logos, and shapes can be embedded into ice sculptures for an identity or theme. 
  • Ice Environments - Large-scale ice environments can be truly spectacular. An ice archway can be constructed that all participants walk through when they first enter a special event. Photographs can be taken as guests enter and then given to them as a remembrance of the occasion. An ice room can be created in one area of the event and food delicacies can be offered inside on ice tables, bowls, and plates. An ice bar can be made for dispensing drinks. For a unique and whimsical attraction, a large ice slide can be constructed where guests slide down on sleds and land in a pit of clear plastic balls, much like a bounce house for children.   
  • Ice Luge Sculptures - Interactive ice sculptures can be created to offer your guests creative ways to drink beverages from communal ice vessels. To create an ice luge, a clear plastic drinking tube is encased in a large block of ice. An ice sculptor then carves the ice block into a chosen sculptural shape. At the time of the event, an attendant opens both ends of the drinking tube and pours a beverage into the top of the tube while an event participant drinks the poured beverage at the bottom opening. This interactive sculpture can create a lot of attention and fun with your guests and can be the subject of many photographs. 
  • Ice Sculpture Lighting - Ice sculptures can be exhibited on clear glass or plastic bases that contain spotlights that direct lights into the interior of the ice sculptures. These lights can be clear or colored. They can also be static or dynamic for changing lighting effects. Lights can also be directed from above the ice sculptures to create dimensional effects with shadows and moving light patterns. 

For a truly memorable event or occasion, have an ice sculptor design and create a custom ice sculpture or environment. Take lots of photographs to memorialize the occasion and enjoy the unusual beauty of ice. 

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